Frequently asked questions

Is this secure?

VMind software is rigorously vetted for security by independent third-party experts, ensuring the highest safety standards for our customers. Our head of security is available for assurances to design partners.

Can we have evidence of your GPU acceleration working? Can we test it?

Yes, please reach out to us at for benchmarks and testing access — to see how VMind can accelerate your specific workloads.

Does this work on our existing GPU clusters — do we need to make any changes?

Yes, VMind’s solution is a simple kernel. It can be installed on any private or cloud-based A100/H100 cluster. No changes to your physical infrastructure are needed.

Is this easy to set up?

Yes. VMind works via a simple SDK, that is easy to install onto your existing setup.

Is this compatible with PyTorch or JAX?


Does this work with 16- or 8-bit quantized weights?

Yes. VMind works out of the box with 16-bit and 8-bit quantized weights.

VMind pledges to make knowledge computable for the use and sake of humanity, never for its harm.

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